We want to change paradigms.
Replace Competition and Scarcity with Collaboration and Abundance.

Alone we go faster. Together we go further.

The idea of the Freelancers Club was born from my desire to connect with other people, who like me, prefer to exercise their talents more freely.

With the digitization accelerated by the pandemic I found myself in a privileged place already adapted to the “new normal”. I realized that there is a lot of space for those who want to be an entrepreneur in the digital world, but also a lot of unpreparedness.

The world is changing faster and faster and the way of working too. We’re having to throw away what we’ve learned to relearn a lot overnight.

We can see all of this as a crisis, but also as a transition and an opportunity for something better.

A survey by the Workana platform from March 2020 to March 2021 indicates a 20% increase in the average ticket of freelancers, regardless of their area of expertise.

But we also have to be careful not to allow precariousness and a reduction in the quality of our work. That’s why I believe that there must be a “re-education” of contractors to see us not as “the best cost-benefit” but as partners who want to grow together.

This is my opinion, but I also want to hear yours.

Come join this Club to exchange experiences and, of course, do business.

My name is Marcos Gabler and I am the creator of this embryonic project that I want to reach all people who want to work more autonomously and in a happy and abundant way.

I’ve worked as an art assistant and advertising illustrator in advertising agencies of various sizes, including the legendary DPZ. I was a partner in an advertising agency (before the internet) and from an early age I was interested in technology for audio visual production.

More than twenty years ago, I decided to become a freelancer and never again insisted on having a formal contract. It wasn’t all flowers but I never regretted this decision.

Now, after such a long time, I believe I have some wisdom and experience to help others who wish to follow the same path.